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Feb 15, 2013 6:00am PST
in technology and innovation, that creates jobs. if you don't invest in those areas, you're not going the oh give the opportunity to create the jobs and have the individuals that are going to oh come up with the next inventions. that's what he's talking about. stephanie: over 700 something bridges are under standard in the united states of america. i mean, it's just is that stuff that you just think again compared to around the world how substandarder, and why that's ok with people. particularly, like you said, it would create jobs. caller: listen, i just came back from the senate foreign affairs committee from china and taiwan and when you just look at the high speed trains they have and whole network they have compared to what we have here, it is antiquated. we just redid a railroad system, how many jobs that would create and bring us back to the state we are truly behind many countries and technological advances because of that, because we're not investing in it. stephanie: right as the president said, you frame it in jobs, how many companies said they would come here. >> absolutely. step
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am PST
including technology. >> stephanie: we hear the same refrain. we have a spending problem. that's all they ever talk about. >> entitlements, entitlements. >> stephanie: right. i know -- who is it? cantor is on tv today this morning, saying the president didn't put forth any plan on the sequester. yes, he did. he's been very clear. >> he has been very clear. stephanie, what we have is a governing problem in our country. we need -- we need people willing to sit down and work things out and make tough decisions. when we pass our five-year farm bill in the senate last year, we looked at every page, decided what works what doesn't. we actually eliminated 100 different things that either hadn't been used well, didn't work. eliminated a big government subsidies for ag. and saved $23 billion. at the same time, we refocused on the future with local food systems and farmer's markets and you know, the kinds of things we need to do in schools as well as supporting ag. but we did it by being very strategic, asking the right decisions then making some smart decisions. that's what we need to do. i a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2